help with toolchain reuse LFS5.2 at at
Sun Apr 18 08:00:24 PDT 2004

I have saved one toolchain after completing LFS and I have saved another
after completing chapter5.    Both gave the same result.

The LFS book states that tcl, dejagnu and expect should be re-installed
with prefix=/usr.  I am trying to do as instructed without success.  I 
also  am unable to install glibC-2.3.3.  

Thanks for your suggestion and if you have others please let me have them.

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>On Sunday 18 April 2004 16:03, at wrote:
>> I now want to re-use  a toolchain. After untarring a previously saved
>> 'tools' I arrived at the  chroot environment " I have no name " prompt
>> successfully. I created directories, symlinks etc but cannot install
>> expect, tcl and degagnu with prefix=/usr.    There seems to be a
>> configuraton problem. make_devices and man-pages-1.66 can be installed
>> latter  by "make install". I even symlinked gcc  and cc from /tools/bin
>> /usr/bin all with the same result.
>Right I get it now. Did you save the tool-chain after completing the entire
>LFS (wrong) or immediately after finishing ch5 (right)? The thing is that
>you save the toolchain after completing LFS the toolchain has been 
>re-adjusted to link to stuff that won't exist yet if you're trying to re-use
>Regards, Allard.
>allard at
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