Ch 6: Bash ignoring PATH?

hn nobodyhome_41 at
Sun Apr 18 00:59:46 PDT 2004

> I think you'll find echo in /tools/bin
Yeah, it's there - what does that imply?
> Have you checked the faq?
The faq suggests checking the dynamic linker; well I can do that
only using the absolute paths (or within the /tools/bin directory):
- using the 'dummy.c' process:
root:/tools/bin# ./readelf -L a.out | ./grep 'interpreter'
[Requesting program interpreter: /tools/lib/]

I think that's what I'm supposed to get.

(No yet) fixed bug reveals another bug ...
I had mistyped one of the symlinks during one of the previous steps (and 
thaught I fixed that) - anyway I have some files in /bin installed now 
(and I think it should be empty at this point, right?) including 'echo' 
(so I assume it's THIS ONE I can call now from anywhere in the directory 
what confuses me is I have 'make' in /bin as well and it 'is not found').
I'm a bit confused now about how the whole PATH thing works ... Anyway, 
let me recreate the whole directory tree (apart from /tools) to see what 
happens ...

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