LFS 5.0: binutils-2.14 first pass failure

Tom Black tcblack at wireless111.net
Sat Apr 17 17:13:55 PDT 2004

Allard Welter wrote:

> Hello again, I was just rereading your original post as I didn't get as far as 
> the bottom the first time (naughty me).
Glad to know that I'm not the only one to do that from time to time <grin>
> I suggest you follow the book as closely as possible. Create the lfs directory 
> on /mnt as suggested and export the environment variable LFS=/mnt/lfs. The 
> fewer things you introduce deviating from the book, the less likely it is for 
> things to go wrong, and the easier it will be for others to troubleshoot your 
> installation if things go wrong.
Thanks again Allard,
Too late I'm afraid I've already started on /lfs but the environment 
variable $LFS is set to /lfs to help prevent further goofs.
everything else should be fairly straightforward you say?  I hope so.
But it *IS* fun!

Thomas Black
Total Linux Newbie (But trying to cure it)

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