LFS 5.0: binutils-2.14 first pass failure

Allard Welter allard at nospam.nl
Sat Apr 17 04:00:24 PDT 2004

On Saturday 17 April 2004 02:50, tcblack(nospamhere) wrote:
> however when I execute the configure program I get another error
> concerning the as directory:
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directory
You indicated you are in it for the learning experience, so some clarification 
is probably in order. exec=execute as=assembler. 'as' is part of the gcc 
package thus this indicates that perhaps not everything is as it should be 
with your host installation. I'm not that familiar with Mandrake, but I think 
you should check that the Mandrake gcc installation is complete and 
functioning. configure is trying to compile a simple test program to check 
whether your compiler is suitable to compile binutils.
> *** The command 'gcc -o conftest -O2   conftest.c' failed.
> *** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.
As you can see, it failed. Check out the things (another)Thomas suggested. You 
should be familiar with the faq. The search engine on the lfs website is a 
great source of information. Entering "You must set the environment variable 
CC to a working compiler" (note the quotes) returned 85 results. Your answer 
is surely there somewhere.

> Here I go again!
> Thanks.
Hang in there. Every journey begins with a single step. Once binutils is under 
way, the first step is taken and it should be downhill from there.
> Thomas Black

allard at quicknet.nl

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