compiling kernel

Scott scott at
Fri Apr 16 08:36:56 PDT 2004

False Alarm: I had a syntax error in my editing of menu.lst in
/boot/grub on the host partition. Now it boots but there are other error
that I need to work through.
Also, I still would like to know what is the significance of a file icon
displayed with an orange question mark when viewed from konqueror. Is
that a permissions issue or what?

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 12:26, Scott wrote:
> I'm using LFS5.0. The host system is Fedora Core1.
> The lfs partition is on hdc2 and the swap for lfs is hdc3
>  I have had to pick up where I left off a couple of weeks ago. I
> remounted the drives hdc2 and hdc3, chrooted as per the "revised chroot
> command", remounted proc and devpts, untared the linux-2.4.22.tar to
> /usr/src/linux-2.4.22, CD'd to /usr/src/linux-2.4.22 and went through
> the steps in chapter 8 "Installing Linux-2.4.22". After doing so, the
> view(using Konqueror) of the lfskernel file  under /boot/ is that of an
> icon with an orange question mark as with the bzImage file under
> /usr/src/linux*/arch/i386/boot/. I think this icon means that something
> is not right but I'm not sure what. I retraced my steps to this because
> I was getting a Grub Error: 15 "File not found" after going through all
> the steps and rebooting the system. My grub file is modified from the
> book because of the multiple systems that are loaded on this machine. 
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Scott B.  

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