help with modules_install, booting -LFS5.2 at at
Thu Apr 15 04:45:12 PDT 2004

many thanks for your uggestion.

 I have linked /bin/depmod to /sbin/depmod rebuilt the kernel and make modules_install
now report no errors.  The system still does not boot.

Below are my 'departures' from the prescribed LFS:

1) I compiled kernel 2.4.25 in /usr/src.  I made the taditional linux symlink
to linux-2.4.25 (after decompressing the archive).
2) I used an ext3  partition.  However I adjusted /etc/fstab and I ran tune2fs
-j  /dev/hda5 as instructed  from

Any suggestion if any of the above could be causing the problem, are welcomed.

I also noticed that the LFS bootscripts seems not to be executable  I installed
them as instructed

but after kernel installtion, bootdisk making boot-loader installation
typing commands such as reboot, halt or 'sh reboot', 'sh halt' are ignored
(even from within the /etc/rc.d/init.d dircetory).  Could  anyone explain
if these scripts are to be made executible?

Also the grub bootfloppy just generate a series of zeros.

All suggestions welcomed.


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>the output message says that you are missing /sbin/depmod program, try
>it in your installation (you should have it, you may use
>`find / -mount -name depmod` to lacate it) and make a symlink to /sbin
>that should fix it
>On Wednesday 14 April 2004 13:10, at wrote:
>> Greetings,
>>  I need some help with booting a new installation of LFS5.2.  The build
>> machine  is a K63-cpu with SuSE9 (kernel 2.4.21).  I compiled 2 LFS kernel
>> images:-
>> (a) using  the config file of the host (config-2.4.21-99-default) and
>> (b) using the 'default' config menu of LFS.
>> Both made 'bZimages' and modules without errors.  Both however reported
>> a error during module installation.  Specifically regarding pcmcia.
>> attached file ( 'make-modules-install-LFS-kernel-error')  show the reported
>> errors.  I assumed that as directories for the modules existed  in
>> /lib/modules, the machine would at least boot  if even to a kernel panic.
>> I then configured bootloaders:-
>> (a) I disregarded the LFS instruction and used (1) LILO  then (2) GRUB
>> SuSE9.   On each oocassion, on selection of the kernel image to boot,
>> the machine simply reboots.
>> (b) I followed to the letter the LFS instruction and configured GRUB.

>> 'grub-lst-file' file is attached.  The SuSE9 entry boots OK but as before
>> the entries for the LFS kernel images simply reboot the machine.
>> Curuiously if a SuSE-CDROM boot is attempted, on selection of
>> 'boot-installed-system', an entry for the LFS partition is revealed.
>> this is selected  a bash-2.05b prompt is immediately arrived at.  Commands
>> such as 'ls'  and 'vi' are obeyed but not 'shutdown' nor 'reboot'.
>> I have checked my installation procedure, but so far unaware of any major
>> blunders.  Any advice on the kernel module installation errors reported
>> above would be appreciated. Help  with the booting problems would also
>> be appreciated.
>> Yours sincerely
>> Blux.
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