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Thu Apr 15 03:17:07 PDT 2004

ilja wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install lfs on a raid 5?

(assuming a slow software RAID5)

> I know I will need a small non-raid partition for the /boot directory, 
> but I've been trying this without success.

The problem is to decide where you want to put it. If te hard disk with 
/boot fails, your only option is to use a boot floppy.

So the layout is going to look like:

[sda] [sda1=/boot, copy1] [sda2=RAID5, part1]
[sdb] [sdb1=/boot, copy2] [sdb2=RAID5, part2]
[sdc] [sdc1=/boot, copy3] [sdc2=RAID5, part3]

so that /boot partitions form a structure like RAID1, not RAID5.

> Can someone point me to the right literature?

No printed books exist on this subject, but you can search mailing 
lists. The problem of booting from Promise ATARAIDs using only 
open-source tools looks very similar.

> I've been searching the web to find if it can be done with grub but 
> didn't find a clear answer.

It is possible. For ATARAID, the procedure is outlined in

http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ataraid/949 and followups.

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