LFS 5.0 first boot successful

Cynthia Higginbotham cyhiggin at republicofnewhome.org
Tue Apr 13 05:22:26 PDT 2004

On Monday 12 April 2004 03:56 pm, Bob Morgan wrote:


> Aside from the educational process, which itself is the
> best I have ever seen with linux (you sure don't get this from
> a commercial distro), the start scripts are anything but
> overwhelming, and you can actually see what it takes to
> make the system come up.  I get completely lost in the
> massive configure scripts and gui's of the commercial
> stuff, and hardly know where to start chasing a problem.

That's one of the reasons I switched over to an entirely LFS system. I got 
tired of not having a clue how my system worked. SuSE has lots of bells and 
whistles, but the system scripts look like they were written by a German. ;-)
They've done so much work to make everything work automagically and with the 
GUI configuration programs, that it is very hard to troubleshoot manually. 

I'm not too thrilled with KDE's stunning lack of documentation, either, but 
that's a BLFS subject.
Cynthia Higginbotham     cyhiggin at republicofnewhome dot org

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