GRUB Read Error

Mark Willis mc_willis at
Mon Apr 12 02:52:03 PDT 2004

>Try now compiling grub while booted into your LFS -
>i've seen rare 
>occasions where the grub compiled in chroot fails,
>but when it's 
>recompiled while booted into the new LFS, it works
>beautifully.  This 
>seems to be especially common when the host distro
>is a bootcd, for 
You're right I was using Knoppix as the host distro,
however I've just re-compiled Grub in LFS, copied all
the stage files across and run Grub and re-booting
still gives me GRUB Read Error. :-(

>was there an error number reported also?
Its a stage1 reported error so "GRUB Read Error" is
all you get unfortunately!

I'd been doing some searches prior to posting and one
I read was to use 'd' with the install command in
Grub. <cough> Can't find that web page now for
reference. But didn't have the confidence to start
playing with that particular command in Grub. Anyone
know enough about Grub to know what the install 'd'
switch does and if it could cure this problem?

Thanks again,

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