gcc, 2nd pass (chap. 5), patch while not using /tools but /tools-for-lfs

Doug Sutherland wearable at cogeco.ca
Sat Apr 10 16:25:57 PDT 2004

 > do I have to patch the patch and have /tools replaced by /tools-for-lfs?


 > If yes, then how (sed?)?

How about edit the patch ... its a very simple patch. Open the patch file
in an editor. Search for tools. Change that to tools-for-lfs. Then proceed
to use the patch as normal.

 > And do I have to start all over again (I installed the gcc I compiled this
 > way, too bad I know)?

I think you need to reinstall gcc

 > Or is it OK if the path does not match (don't think so)?

No. This patch is important. It changes the default location of the linker
to where your temporary toolchain is installed.

 > It's just not mentioned in the book :(

FBBG -> follow book, book good. If you used /tools it would work, yes?
Its suggested that you follow the book at least once before changing things.

   -- Doug

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