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Sat Apr 10 05:26:15 PDT 2004

many thanks,  

I will check to see if awk was installed correctly.  I also attach the full
 make STDout/STDerr in case anyone else might have ideas.

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>> Dear Ken,
>> Thanks for your reply. I read the info on the link you provide, but unfortunately
>> it did not provide any help.
>> I and trying to install glibc-2.3.3 from within the chroot'd environment.
>>  I  unpacked the source, made a glibc-build directory as instructed and
>> ran the configure script as instructed. I  attach the stdout and stderr
>> of the configure  and make commands.
>> I hope you or someone else on the list are able to offer some help.
> Thought the problem was in a subshell in a Makefile, neither of which
>are my strong points, but since nobody else has responded I figured the
>exercise of explainig how to debug the errors would do my brain some
>good.  But now I look closely it's not subshells in Makefiles at all.
> Let's start with the lines leading up to the error message (reformatted
>for the mail).
>/bin/sh: line 1: BEGIN { subdirs = ""; inhibit = "" };  /^#/ { next };
>/^[^-]/ { subdirs = subdirs " " $0 };  /^-/ { inhibit = inhibit " "
>substr($0, 2) };  END { printf "sysdep-subdirs =%s\n", subdirs;  printf
>"sysdep-inhibit-subdirs =%s\n", inhibit;  print "sysd-dirs-done = t" }:
>No such file or directory make[1]: ***
>[/tools/build/glibc-build/sysd-dirs] Error 127 make: *** [all] Error 2
> We know you managed to run configure, so there is a reasonable chance
>that /bin/sh is executing /tools/bin/bash (i.e. not the old "linked
>wrongly" problem).  Now, much of the command might as well be gibberish
>as far as I'm concerned but the "BEGIN" suggests it's an awk script.  In
>the configure output we can see
>checking build system type... i586-pc-linux-gnu
>(interesting, you might have problems with some of the desktop
>applications on this version of glibc, or you might later be able to
>point out what I'm doing wrong :)
>checking for bash... /bin/sh
>checking for gawk... no
>checking for mawk... no
>checking for nawk... no
>checking for awk... no
> So, either you missed building gawk in chapter 5, or it's there but
>doesn't work (the old not-linked-correctly problem).  If you missed it,
>the fix is easy enough.
> If you built it wrongly (try 'ldd' on it from outside chroot to see
>what it links against) then you'll need to understand why it was wrong
>before you can work out how to fix it.  (If you work straight through
>the book without leaving the session, once the toolchain is correctly
>adjusted everything should just work.)  You might also need to check
>other dynamic executables in /tools/bin, although I can see that at
>least bash, sed, and perl are linked correctly.
> Technically, there is a bug in the glibc configure script (it fails to
>exit when no version of awk is found), but trying to post a bug report
>against glibc in this situation is a recipe for severe pain.  The
>least-offensive response would be "don't try to build it from a
>defective host".
> das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce
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