login will not find my shell...

t.henzig t.henzig at web.de
Fri Apr 9 18:43:58 PDT 2004

after having installed LFS completely, there is a problem
of different tools, that won't find my shell as specified in /etc/passwd
in my case: /bin/shell
Here is the message, when the login-command is executed in 
(host-system, xterm)

abraxas login: root
Last login: Sat Apr 10 03:12:03 +0200 2004 on pts/0.
No mail.
Cannot execute /bin/bash : No such file or directory

On the other side, executing:

/bin/bash --login +h succeeded

So, I think, there cannot be a mistake concerning file permissions or so...

The gcc-Specs-file is correct.

I have he same problem, executing the su command.

Booting LFS, I get a login-prompt, but if I type in  "root"
the system waits for a moment and then shows a new login-prompt.

I have read all the FAQ's that might concern these problems, but I
havent found a solution

Any ideas?

thanks && kind regards


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