Doesn't ask for password - doesn't login successfully

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Fri Apr 9 13:27:19 PDT 2004


After spending lots of time, I finally got my LFS system installed...but it doesn't work. It boots up fine (though that took a rebuild of the kernel with a better configuration), and that goes much faster than on any distribution I've used before, but my problems start at the login.

Basically, it gives the Login: prompt, but when I enter any username (I've tried root, which I have set a password for, shalom, which I've useradded but haven't set a password for, and goose, which doesn't exist). For all of them it just pauses for a few seconds and then returns to the Login: prompt. It doesn't ask for a password and it doesn't log in. 

Everything works fine in the chroot'ed environment. I can su , su -, su shalom, and su - shalom successfully.

What did I do wrong and what must I do to fix it? I totally have no idea where to start. What controls the login part of the linux system? What could I have done wrong to make it fail. I more or less followed the book to the letter (though I did make a few mistakes including compilation of glibc with -O3 -march=pentium4 optimization and I didn't realise that I was unsuccessful in my install of both ncurses and binutils until I chrooted at the end of the book without /tools being in my path and they didn't work. I fixed that, though).

As a side point, where do I set defaults. For example, I noticed that when I su -, the path is quite weird and doesn't include the /sbin and /usr/sbin directories. Is there somewhere I can change defaults without using ~/.bashrc?

Thank you,
Shalom Naumann


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