OT: build-problems

Reinhard bookreader at gmx.com
Fri Apr 9 10:21:48 PDT 2004

I follow two ways in parallel on building an lfs-box.

One is with self-written Makefile/shellscripts (with the commands from the 
book), where I have strange errors (input-/output error), which disables any 
further shell commands, so that I have to kill the shell and start over 
I don't know, whether this error comes from make of bash.

Does anybody know this error and can tell me, what I did wrong

The other path is using nALFS. With nALFS I have often the effect, that the 
configure terminates with: child killed by signal 11

I already checked my box following the hints from the lfs-faq - extended 
version - but I could not find any error.

Does anybody know, how I could track such errors?

Is there a special mode of gdb i.e. which could also stop on child-errors?

Another error was, that configure claimed, that it could not determine the 
size of a long double, which then terminated configure.

I'm not that used to linux-dev-tools and apreciate any hint.

Kind regards


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