gcc, 2nd pass (chap. 5), patch while not using /tools but /tools-for-lfs

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Fri Apr 9 09:47:51 PDT 2004

On friday, 9. April 2004 18:03, Andreas Scherrer wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using /tools-for-lfs instead of /tools (as "suggested" on
> page 36, LFS 5.0). Now I tried to install gcc (2nd pass) and
> therefore patched the package as described on page 51
> (gcc-3.3.1-specs-2.patch) BUT it seems to me that this patch has
> a link to /tools (for the dynamic loader) "hard wired" into it!
> This (or something else?) results in a horrible result when
> running the testsuite.
I think so ... IIRC it was somewhere mentioned before (archive or 
faq?) ...

> So my question is: do I have to patch the patch and have /tools
> replaced by /tools-for-lfs? If yes, then how (sed?)? And do I
> have to start all over again (I installed the gcc I compiled this
> way, too bad I know)?
> Or is it OK if the path does not match (don't think so)?
Why don't you symlink /tools-for-lfs to /tools ?

> It's just not mentioned in the book :(
But there are some kind of in Chapter 3 "Mounting the new 
partition", that it should be mounted as /mnt/lfs. And I think this 
implies that the patches are hardcoded ... ;)

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