REPOST: Advanced (quickest) LFS?

vincent blondel vincent.blondel at
Wed Apr 7 13:43:29 PDT 2004


You have to know that there well exist some new devel branches of LFS 
including the new linux kernel family 2.6.x and the complete new libraries 
NTPL ( replacement of linuxthreads  with linux 2.4.x ).

You can well compile a new system regarding the instructions you can find on 
this site

Now, if you want to download a ready to run system, I put on my ftp server a build for i686 systems. This iso 
file is not bootable but you just have to modify manually configuration 


On Wednesday 07 April 2004 17:33, Saad Malik wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I had built my 5.0 LFS and 5.0 BLFS system about 6 months ago without
> any problems.
> It was very educational, and productive...
> Unfortunately, I screwed up my Glibc last week. What happened was that
> I was trying to upgrade Glibc to match my 2.6.4 Kernel header files.
> The libraries compiled fine, but gave some odd error during install
> phase. Anyway, suffice it to say, 'ls' wouldn't even work.. gave a
> segementation fault error.
> I tried everything to repair my glibc (used Slackware 9.1 to mount lfs
> partition and somehow reinstall glibc with no optimization flags). But
> that just created more problems.
> I formatted my partition, and now I'm back at the beginning of the LFS
> book. Instead of doing the same routine of building temporary system,
> then installing the main system over it...
> I was wondering if someone knew of a guide or could give some pointers
> on the fastest way to build a *working* LFS system independent of the
> host (slackware).
> I would want dynamic libraries instead of static calls built into the
> system.
> So in summary 2 questions:
> 1. Fastest way of building a *working* LFS system independent of host.
> Is there a way I could perhaps skip the /tools making, and somehow
> start directly installing the packages in /usr && /bin? (would be
> using 2.6.5 kernel).
> 2. Knowing that I will screw up my glibc in the future. How am I able
> to repair my glibc files in the future? Is there anyway? I just want
> to know if it is possible, perhaps someday I'll be able to help a lost
> puppy like me ;)
> Thanks Very Much.
> Saad a.k.a SimFox3

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