REPOST: Advanced (quickest) LFS?

Saad Malik SimFox3 at
Wed Apr 7 10:33:54 PDT 2004

Hi Everyone,
I had built my 5.0 LFS and 5.0 BLFS system about 6 months ago without
any problems.

It was very educational, and productive...

Unfortunately, I screwed up my Glibc last week. What happened was that
I was trying to upgrade Glibc to match my 2.6.4 Kernel header files.
The libraries compiled fine, but gave some odd error during install
phase. Anyway, suffice it to say, 'ls' wouldn't even work.. gave a
segementation fault error.

I tried everything to repair my glibc (used Slackware 9.1 to mount lfs
partition and somehow reinstall glibc with no optimization flags). But
that just created more problems.

I formatted my partition, and now I'm back at the beginning of the LFS
book. Instead of doing the same routine of building temporary system,
then installing the main system over it...
I was wondering if someone knew of a guide or could give some pointers
on the fastest way to build a *working* LFS system independent of the
host (slackware).

I would want dynamic libraries instead of static calls built into the

So in summary 2 questions:
1. Fastest way of building a *working* LFS system independent of host.
Is there a way I could perhaps skip the /tools making, and somehow
start directly installing the packages in /usr && /bin? (would be
using 2.6.5 kernel).

2. Knowing that I will screw up my glibc in the future. How am I able
to repair my glibc files in the future? Is there anyway? I just want
to know if it is possible, perhaps someday I'll be able to help a lost
puppy like me ;)

Thanks Very Much. 
Saad a.k.a SimFox3

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