how to make LFS distribution CD?

ke chen linux_kurt at
Mon Apr 5 05:56:29 PDT 2004

hi Jeremy,
Actually, i've taken time to look for answer before I posted my questions. I know how to install my distribution on a new machine manually. What i am looking for is how to make it automaically with the help of some exsiting projects, but I can not find one. Michael's suggestion is probably a good one, but that project is being closed.
Another issue is how to include the big distribution package into the CD with bootable image. My question is that when I use Nero to  to burn a CD, after choosing bootable image , i am not allowed to add more software into the CD-ROM, even there still leaves large space. I saw some posts they have two disk, one bootable cd, another distribution cd, I don't want to two CD for a distriubtion.
I really hope to get some hints from you or from any other friendly people.
Thank you in advance.
>Have you checked the resources that are already available to you?  IIRC,
>there's at least 3 different hints that deal with this particular issue -
>and it has come up on the lists numerous times in the past.  Please check
>for these things before posting in the future.


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