LFS-5.0 Kernel panic

JazerNorth google at jaynorth.net
Sun Apr 4 12:34:12 PDT 2004

JazerNorth wrote:
> I am betting an error when I boot my linux machine.  The error is:
> Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at virtual address 
> 00000004 print eip:
> ...
> ...
> Other stuff
> ...
> ...
> <0> Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!
> In idle task - not syncing
> Any ideas?
> JN
OK.  This is a followup.

What happened, and dummy me, I didn't do a "make mrproper" before I made 
changes to the kernel.  I ended up copying the config file I had copied 
from a good compile into the .config file (after the make mrproper). 
Then I put in one change at a time (this is the proper way to do it). 
After I got all of my changes in, each time doing a "make mrproper", it 
worked. The settings I had originally were correct, only the "make 
mrproper" was not done, so it didn't compile correctly.

So, like the book says, it is very important to do a 'make mrproper'.

 From now on I will always do the "make mrproper" first.

Thanks for the help.


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