Problem with patch

Andreas Podgurski Andreas.Podgurski at
Sun Apr 4 08:52:29 PDT 2004

> I'm in chapter 5 "Installing GCC-3.3.2 - Pass 2" of version 5.1-pre1. 
> Everything seems to work fine except patch. When I try to apply the two 
> patches to the gcc, I simply get "patch: **** strip count 1 is not a 
> number". Not more. Anyone any idea how to solve this? I used the same 
> parameters like in the LFS-book and followed it step by step. I'm 
> starting from the current mepis distribution. If you need any further 
> information, please ask.
Ah, solved it myself, sorry. I misspelled a l with a 1. Maybe some other 
font should be used to make such more clearly...

Sorry again,
Andreas "SunSailor" Podgurski

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