lfs-5.0, chapter5, perl-syntax

l.dene l.dene at bluewin.ch
Sun Apr 4 05:05:47 PDT 2004


Platform : i686-pc with RH-9-host

Typing the echo-command in the static extensions part during the
installation of perl, I've made a stupid syntax fault by typing Fnctl
instead of Fcntl.

This problem only occured to me when I wanted to copy the compiled perl
commands, perl and pod2man, to tools/bin, which wasn't possible because
they weren't created at a place I could find or weren't created at all.

My first reaction was to do rebegin the perl-installation process, which
seems pretty stupid to me right now. The result was the same as the
first one.

Verifying my previous steps I saw my error and i cut the false syntax
from the linux.sh-file to replace it with the good one.
Though the result wasn't affected more by this correction then it was
just before.

Now I would like to ask some questions about his serie of mistakes.

1) Can I simply copy and paste (and deviate a little from the original
lfs-spirit) the missing commands from my host RH-9, that seems to have a
slightly modified version with a perl and pod2man - 5.8.0-88.3 ?

2) Can I rm the perl-directory in the lfs-part of the system to unpack a
fresh version and begin all over ?

3) Is there an other way to correct problems of this nature during the
installation of a package, I mean is there a possibility to 'uncompile'
and 'unconfigure' packages ?

For the rest I'm very happy about the lfs-project and I find that it is
pretty exciting to build yourself an O.S that way.

Thanks a lot.


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