how to make LFS distribution CD?

jeremy at jeremy at
Sat Apr 3 18:28:44 PST 2004

> hi all,
> I have already tried to install LFS system and known how to make a
> bootable CD.
> My question is how to burn LFS distribution into the bootable CD. My form
> idea is to cram LFS distriution into the bootable CD image. But it suppose
> LFS distribution is not so big. Any idea on that?
> i also like to know how to install LFS distribution which is inside the
> bootable CD. Is there any project that can help do it automatically?
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Have you checked the resources that are already available to you?  IIRC,
there's at least 3 different hints that deal with this particular issue -
and it has come up on the lists numerous times in the past.  Please check
for these things before posting in the future.


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