problem in chapter 6.

Doug Sutherland wearable at
Fri Apr 2 15:28:50 PST 2004

In chapter 5, you change the specs file in /tools so it points to the
dynamic linker in /tools. In chapter 6, you do the reverse, changing
it to point to the dynamic linker in /lib (ld-linux-so.2). You then
install binutils again using this setting, followed by a build of gcc.
You have not yet installed gcc, so the spec file won't be in /usr/lib.
I don't think this is an error in the book. If yours is not working,
did you save your binutils-build, and did you do the toolchain adjust
from within the binutils-build directory?

 > I think there is an error in chapter 6 <snip>
 > I think the SPECFILE must be /usr/lib/gcc-lib/*/*/specs 

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