reboot on compaq deskpro 4000

Richard Hamilton warbirdnut at
Thu Apr 1 03:27:28 PST 2004

I had Linux running on a Deskpro 6000 which has the same bios and a 
Compaq Armada 7800 portable at one time.  If remember right I had to 
tinker with the ACPI settings.

Matthias Berndt wrote:

>i've got a LFS 5.0 running on a Compaq DeskPro 4000 with an Pentium 233MMX
>for testing. All works fine, but the system does not reboot automatically
>on a 'shutdown -r now'. All services were stopped correctly and the system
>prepares well for powering off. But after that i get a blank screen when
>the system should reboot and ich have to tap the powerbutton twice (power
>off/power on) to reboot the system.
>I think, i get the blank screen when the BIOS-APM-functions should cause a
>reboot. (APM-Support is enabled in kernel)
>Does anyone have the same or an more or less equal system with a 'working'
>reboot? Or is there anybody else who could tell me how to get it working?
>Matthias Berndt

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