Lfs 5.0 installation with optimization: problem

Jan Van Belle Jan.Van_Belle at alcatel.be
Sun Nov 30 23:27:55 PST 2003

Allard Welter wrote:

> On Friday 28 November 2003 12:18, Jan Van Belle wrote:
>>         Hello all,
>> Everything is running smoothly now (even KDE-3.1.4), except that I cannot
>> mount my cdrom. Everything else is fine, but not the CDROM (under
>> Mandrake it succeeds, so it's not the hardware).
> Howdy ...
> You need to give a little more info here.
> What does mount tell you?
> How are you mounting - perhaps missing device or link?
> Are you running scsi emulation?
> is cdrom support compiled in the kernel or as module - you may need to to
> a modrobe first?

The mount doesn't tell me anything: it just hangs while mounting... (and
blocks most of my system while it is 'mounting'). CDROM support is indeed
compiled as a kernel module, no SCSI support(not for the CDROM) nor
emulation. I have SCSI support (sd_mod) for my SANDISK reader
(usb-storage), but that gives no probs at all. 

That's the strange thing: my previous installation (without optimization of
the basic packages) had no problem with it. Kernel configuration is exactly
the same (optimizing for PentiumII cpu in the kernel settings)...



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