Backup LFS to file

Nathan nrh2 at
Sun Nov 30 07:24:23 PST 2003

On Sunday 30 November 2003 15:01, Ercan Oezkan wrote:
> hi,
> i just builded my LFS brand new (second time)
> the first LFS i build is corrupted after some
> test with installing
> other software, not described in LFS.
> so after i just rebuild the LFS, i want to
> know if i can backup the LFS to tar file
> and restore it, when needed.
> backup to cdr is not possible, for me:
> have someone experience, hints?
> thanks for helping


Im the maintainer of the lfsbackup hint, and that is the next thing i will 
publish, couple questions for you

How much do u need to backup and do you have a lot of CPU power to compress 
the file

also to do it the way the new version of my hint requires a host distro for 
the initial backup procedure

tho basically it goes as follows (hint will be in more detail)

dd if=/dev/<backup partition> of=/home/<filename> 

and that creates an image of your hard drive (must be separate partition)

and then to compress it(both take quite a while,faster processors speed this 
bit up tho)

gzip -9 /home/<filename>

and to restore just reverse process, more will be told in the hint

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