changing boot sequence

andri at andri at
Sat Nov 29 11:07:55 PST 2003

> The docs state that the kernel modules should be preferred, unless you are
> using the 32bit cardbus PCMCIA card.  However it's your system.

Yes i'm using 32bit cardbus cards:) That's why I took this method of
disabling the pcmcia support in the kernel.
And about those symlinks of yours, this seems to have no effect on the
time when cardmgr gets executed when I boot, the only diffrence is that
when I put a lower number on the pcmcia symlink the pcmcia symlink start
to run first as it should but when it's half way through its sequence the
network symlink starts, generates the error and then the pcmcia symlink
finishes and it doesn't matter what numbers I put, tried 01 for my pcmcia
and 99 for my network symlink.
Can't my network be put up by the pcmcia package, for instance if I delete
all my network symlinks but keep my network script couldn't I tell my
pcmcia conf to execute the network script after it had successfully setup
all the needed modules? If so how would I do it exactly?

Best Regards
Andri Mar Jónsson

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