problems with util-linux-2.12 in LFS 5.0 chapter 5 on sparc server

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Sat Nov 29 10:53:51 PST 2003

The latest update on this odd problem is at :

There is a complete log of the process where I extract a new source tree, run
the sed command, then run configure ( which fails to find headers ).  I then
edit the configure script manually and replace an "eval $compile" with a gcc
command line.  This works.

Why is gcc searching in /usr/include still?  I don't know.  I think that I
will, again, rebuild gcc-3.3.1 for about the third time.  I will diligently
ensure that I apply the patch.  I will also, at the risk of being flamed, log
the process in its slow entirely.  :(


ps: see the dates on the files in my log report?  I have been working on this
    lfs process since about November 3rd.  I built glibc-2.3.2 in two passes,
    just to be sure.  Once on Nov 9th and again on Nov 22nd.  This system
    redefines the word slow.  Four 66MHz processors are not the same as a
    single 250MHz proc.  I just wanted to build a SMP monolithic kernel for
    my own edification.  Geez.

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