Verification of Build Procedure

Christos Gioran himicos at
Fri Nov 28 13:53:01 PST 2003

Hi list

I was wondering whether there is a way to verify that a LFS system was built 
Obviously, since the test suites pass, you are quite certain that the build 
completed correctly. But since I use my build scripts with several 
optimization flags and combinations of them, even if in all cases the tests 
pass, there rises the need to detect overoptimization. Are the testsuites 
designed for this purpose?
Guess what I have in mind is some kind of benchmark for performance under 
"extreme" conditions. OK, the gcc, binutils and glibc testsuites are very 
thourough, but the rest of the programs do not get an equal (or even a 
minimum) amount of testing.
So to conclude: Is there a way to thoroughly verify the stability of a build, 
or should I (and all who might want want, of course!) come up with one?



PS: First time poster here, hope I did things right.

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