Lfs 5.0 installation with optimization: problem

Jan Van Belle Jan.Van_Belle at alcatel.be
Fri Nov 28 03:18:34 PST 2003

        Hello all,

        Last year I got myself a 233MHz PentiumII laptop. Since that's quite slow,
I decided to give LFS 5.0 a try with optimization.

So I compiled the first part without optimization, out of a 'brand new'
basic Mandrake 8.1 installation.

In the second part I applied the 
CFLAGS = CXXFLAGS = "-march=pentium2 -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe"

I left out the '-fomit-frame-pointer' for the GLIBC and GCC packages. I got
no compilation errors, even the kernel is compiled with the 'optimized'
GCC-3.3.1 . 

Everything is running smoothly now (even KDE-3.1.4), except that I cannot
mount my cdrom. Everything else is fine, but not the CDROM (under Mandrake
it succeeds, so it's not the hardware).

Has someone experienced the same?? Some hints on what to recompile maybe??

Kind regards, 


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