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Allard Welter allard at
Wed Nov 26 09:05:17 PST 2003

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 05:04, michael wrote:
> after a week of torture i've finally figured out why i couldn't chroot
> into /mnt/lfs :when building the packages as user lfs in ch 5,i
> constantly ran into
>  permission issues,so i had to su to be able to carry on,unaware that
> then the environment got unset,especially PATH,so many packages were
> built using the host's stuff,which became unavailable to them when
> locked up inside /mnt/lfs,of now i built everything as root
> but setting up the environment for root,and everything went smoothly
> .Now all i need is some miracle hair lotion,maybe also a brain scan..
> :-)
Hello again,

I hear what you say, but you must still be missing something. It is 
_DANGEROUS_ to install chapter 5 as root.

If you followed the first couple of sections in ch5 according to the book 
(creating user lfs and setting up the environment) there really oughtn't to 
be any permission problems since you're installing everything in $LFS/tools, 
which should belong to user lfs. I and many others have done this countless 
times without trouble, whereas I've mucked up a host system before by 
installing ch5 as root and getting careless (This was in the days before a 
dedicated tools directory was being used - which makes things somewhat 

Anyway, discovering the trivial things that can cause seemingly insurmountable 
trouble is always gratifying.

Regards - Allard

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