chroot, ch6

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Nov 26 00:34:07 PST 2003

In article <3FC45C22.6050105 at>, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Hi Jeremy Utley. You said the following on 11/26/03 03:49:
>> do NOT use ldd in testing the linking for chapter 5 binaries - ldd is just
>> a script, and often can produce bogus output.  Jeroen, if you're monitoring
>> this, you *NEED* to change this!
> The FAQ didn't recommend using "ldd" but to use "file" (and only for 
> LFS-4.1). I've included the information about readelf though; this 
> should take care of your request. Thanks,

Thanks Jeroen - I hadn't looked at the faq at that time, so I was just going
off what was posted by the previous submitter.  If I came across like a jerk,
forgive me :) It's been a long week at the evil empire!


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