Issues with ld: "bootstrap with --static" rearing its ugly head

Erik Postma epostma at
Tue Nov 25 05:44:09 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 23:51:22 +1100, Greg Schafer <gschafer at>
> On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 10:36:52PM +0100, Erik Postma wrote:
> > > > I'd just like to say I did start over, using the --disable-nls
> > > > flag in chapter 5 (not in 6) and it's working fine now. Greg, if
> > > > you'd like to have a .tar.bz2 from me too (in case you can't find
> > > > it from Stephen's stuff alone), I'll gladly prepare it but I don't
> > > > have time for it now. Gimme a week or so. I'm adding some specs of
> > > > my host system for Stephen to compare to his. If many things are
> > > > the same it might give a hint. I'm not at my machine right now,
> > > > but am fairly confident this is correct.
> I couldn't find anything wrong with Stephen's files. But he wasn't
> seeing the binutils test suite failure like you were. He was seeing the
> other failure inside the chroot.
> If you are still able to reproduce the problem, please follow the
> instructions here (exactly):
> and mail it to me and I'll take a look.

I've finally had time to redo this stuff. The logs and files are up at

 lfs-commands.txt is a list of all the commands I ran in order to
     obtain these files. Starts with mkdir $LFS/tools.
 binu-build.greg.tar.bz2 is the tar ball of binutils pass 2 in chapter
     5 in the state you described: after make configure-host.
 c5-binu-p2-configure.greg is the log of the configure run in binutils
     pass 2 of chapter 5.
 c5-binu-p2-mch.greg is the log of make configure-host in binutils
     pass 2 of chapter 5.
 c5-binu-p2-config.log.greg is the config.log file from binutils pass
     2 of chapter 5.

     are probably of less interest; they are respectively the test_summary
     of gcc, and the log of two runs of make check of glibc. Two runs,
     because the first chokes on check-textrel as described in my very
     first post, and then the second run after applying a patch to
     disable this test.

I hope you or someone else can find something useful here.
Erik Postma (Email: reverse the order of nl, tue and win.)

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