PS2 keyboard don't work when i compile kernel2.6.0 many times in lfs5 and mandrake9.2

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Nov 24 21:45:49 PST 2003

aries wrote:
>   Since the kernel2.6.0-test1 released,i have tried almost the test 
> version in mandrake9.2,but every time the ps2 keyboard don't work. 
> Yesterday, i compile kernel 2.6.0-test9 in lfs5, but it doesn't work 
> either. I tried to change a ps2 keyboard,but the situation is still.  I 
> don't think there's a problem with my ps2 keyboard,cause it works well 
> in kernel-2.4.22. Besides,I have USB mouse. I thinks whether it will 
> interupt with my PS2 keyboard in kernel 2.6.0,the mouse works well. here 
> is the cut of my .config in kernel 2.6.0 test9 . I compile most 
> functions that i need into kernel .  Sorry for my pool english :)  I am 
> from china,hope to get a reply. Thanks

By chance using your old 2.4 .config file?  IIRC its "i8042 PC Keyboard" 
that should be set.  At least I think that was the one that choked it 
for's set now.  Everyone should double check this doc before 
building 2.6 test kernels....

-- DJ

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