chroot, ch6

michael michael8110 at
Mon Nov 24 20:16:24 PST 2003

thank you,allard and durk.. no,durk,the env binary is sitting there,what
happens is that for some mysterious reason the /mnt/lfs directory is
invisible to chroot,so it goes straight on to the next thing it
finds,and that's /tools/bin/env ,which is a binary,so can't be chrooted
into anyway.Allard,i'm in this for educational purposes,and so far i've
reaped hansomely-so after my first successful try,i rm-rf-ed everything
and started over,this time not as a zombie,but trying to understand as
much as possible,and here i am stuck in this chroot thing again..i don't
think it's what you suggested,since the host's bash  is also 2.05..
what's unnerving about it is that i've been there and got out,and now,no
way,i spent the better part of the weekend trying everything i could
think of,googling a lot,to no i erased tools and redid
everything but the same happened again.If i try simply chrooting into
/mnt/lfs i'm informed there's no /bin/bash and if into /mnt/lfs/tools
,then it pukes out that can't be opened ,now,isn't this
related to dynamic loading?Thank you and please let me know if you can
think of something ,must be a tiny detail..

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