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Tushar Teredesai linux_from_scratch at
Mon Nov 24 08:07:11 PST 2003

michael wrote:

>ld is removed and 
ld is not removed, it was installed to /tools/bin/ld. Only the source 
directory is cleaned and ld is rebuilt (but not yet installed).

>rebuilt,statically again (make -C ld LD_FLAGS="-all-static" 
>LIB_PATH=/tools/lib") ,so now we have a static linker ld rebuilt with the new 
>binutil's libraries ,but it will still need the host's ld to run,since it has 
>been built statically!!
No, the host's ld is not needed to run the newly installed ld. All 
libraries have been statically linked into the current ld installed in 
Binutils-Pass1. So the ld we installed can run independently of the 
host. Also, note that the new ld we compiled with the above command is 
not yet installed. It is still in the binutils-build/ld directory.

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