creating /etc/hosts

llista llista at
Sun Nov 23 11:47:22 PST 2003


I'm going to create this file but i have a doubth.

I'm using an ADSL line with a router configured like if i was a only one 
net computer  ( in spanish this configuration is called  MULTIPUESTO).

I mean that i have a gateway with a static IP (that is my router) and my 
computer have an DCHP assigned IP adresss  (192.168.1.x).

When i intalled linux , all net configuretion was automatically 
downloaded by linux itself from the router.

So.. my question is...  

Must I create hots file (in net card version) or is there anyelse way to 
get it from the router...

Can i follow the kind of configuration that is teached in book or with 
my configuration, I have to consider some more things...

Sorry if my english and my net level isn't good enough but i trying to 
improve.  :)


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