An idea for a software build system..

Dale Weber lfs-support at
Sun Nov 23 11:14:58 PST 2003


	I have a partially automated software build system written in Python I 
created for FreeBSD.  I am going to see if this can somehow be adapted to 
work for LFS, in place of BLFS, since most packages seem to use just the 
standard build sequence - seems like it should be doable.

	I can pull all the dependency information I need from the FreeBSD ports 
collection, which I already have Python code written and tested for.  I am at 
the state with this code that all I have to do is write the code to put the 
dependency information into some sort of database format the build system can 

	After I have the initial dependency information, it can be updated as needed 
and would not be dependent on the FreeBSD ports collection.  I can just have 
a separate little command that runs for any package that requires changes in 
the build, and use environment variables to allow changes for installation 
prefixes, etc.  There are already standard variables usable for changes in 
compile and link options.

	This may be a simplistic view of things for now, but I think it's a workable 
project.  I've been itching to get back into programming for awhile now. :)

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