Starting next LFS build.

Dale Weber lfs-support at
Sun Nov 23 11:14:06 PST 2003


	The first LFS build I did was a trial, and I'm starting my final build with 
my partitions setup the way I want them.  This build will have no dependency 
on the bootloader from my RedHat 9.0 setup.  This LFS will have the first 
partitions on the hard drive and RedHat has the last partitions, in order to 
make it easy to remove RH totally if I want to.

	I'm going to try and make the LFS backup CD after I have built this LFS, so 
if I screw something up with BLFS, I can more easily go back and restart from 
there.  :)

	I'm using at least one slightly more current package this time - gcc 3.3.2 
instead of 3.3.1, and the toolchain build seems to have gone through without 
any problems.  I don't expect any problems with this minor change.

	I am not planning to do all the 'make check' operations this time around.  
They all went fine for my first LFS build, so I don't expect any change 

	This has got to be one of the best ways to learn about Linux and how it is 
setup and built.  Has anyone considered trying to make a distribution based 
on an LFS/BLFS build?   Maybe something along the lines of the way Slackware 
is put together (very source code friendly), without package management (as 
in no RPM or DEB).

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