Ch 5 - gcc-3.3.1 - pass 1

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Nov 23 05:15:19 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 14:06:07 +0100
"Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998 at> wrote:

> Once upon a time (on Sunday 23 November 2003 13:37), Greg Schafer
> wrote :
>  > On Sun, Nov 23, 2003 at 01:05:00PM +0100, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
>  > > make[2]: *** [s-attrtab] Error 139
>  > Any chance you accidentally applied the GCC Specs patch? The specs
>  > patch is applicable only in pass 2.
> No I did not... :-( That would have been so easy...
> That's a weird error, but I might have found something related, saying
> the kernel might be a bit old. Mine is 2.2.19-5mdk, which is a rather
> old one by nowaday...
> Any other requirement : are gcc-2.95.3 and glibc-2.1.3 enough to
> build LFS 5.0 or shall I first upgrade? (Well I'd rather not, as
> the aim is to get rid of MDK and make my gateway run LFS instead.)
> I could use the Knoppix CD as I did on the other machine, but this one
> is my gateway to the internet, so I can't afford being disconnected
> for the time a build takes (even only for Ch 5.) as a SBU is 42'
> there. So a single Ch. 5 build would take days...

I would have thought that running Knoppix would let you remain
connected - is there some obscure package that it doesn't have
that you need?

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