Allard Welter allard at
Sun Nov 23 04:07:44 PST 2003

On Sunday 23 November 2003 05:22, michael wrote:
> bash-2.05b# whoami
> root
> bash-2.05b# echo $LFS
> /mnt/lfs
> bash-2.05b# chroot $LFS /tools/bin/env -i \
> >     HOME=/root TERM=$TERM PS1='\u:\w\$ ' \
> >     PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/tools/bin \
> >     /tools/bin/bash --login
> chroot: /tools/bin/env: No such file or directory
> bash-2.05b#
> i just can't remember what i did to get out of this snare last time,but i'm
> caught in it again..i'm as root,LFS is set,but chroot just won't work..


>From your progress reports I was under the impression that you had completed 
LFS-5.0 - correct me if I'm wrong. If this is the case, why are you still 
chrooting into the LFS system? Secondly, this seems to be confirmed by your  
bash prompt (version 2.05b). If this is really the case, then it would seem 
you are already in LFS and you may not even have a /mnt/lfs directory there. 
Could be a foolish mistake. Otherwise forgive me for stating the obvious.

Regards - Allard.

allard at

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