LFS on ancient system

Kfir Lavi kfirlavi at actcom.co.il
Sun Nov 23 00:04:25 PST 2003

  > My bootcd (the one on jutley.org) uses a 1.44 floppy image, so it can be
> booted from floppy.  However, there's an even better solution to bios'es
> that do not support boot from floppy - look on the slackware FTP site for
> something called the smartboot disk.  It's a bootable floppy disk that will
> facilitate booting from CDROM, even when the bios doesn't support it.
> I keep one of these around all the time, just for emergencies.
> -J-
Look at ftp://ftp.tau.ac.il/pub/OS/Slackware/rootdisks/
Read the README and the images are install.1 and install.2

Kfir Lavi

IRC Nick: rommanissi

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