LFS on ancient system

Jeremy Utley jeremy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Nov 22 17:49:47 PST 2003

In article <200311230126.17335.yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr>, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> Once upon a time (on Saturday 22 November 2003 23:28), Albert REINER wrote :
> > - Get rid of DOS and install a minimal Linux on that 300MB partition,
> >   compile everything from there, possibly adapting the "next to
> >   existing installation" hint as necessary. In this case, I would
> >   welcome any advice on the following questions (as well as anything
> >   else that might be relevant):
> [--snip--]
> >   - Host distro: This must be small enough to fit into 300MB, and
> >     contain sufficient software for compiling the toolchain (besides
> >     gcc, binutils, and system headers, what else would I need?). Also,
> >     I have to install it from floppies (no CD writer, CD not bootable)
> >     and I'd like to keep the pile small. Any suitable distribution?
> >     What about a minimal debian plus gcc?
> You could use a CD-contained distro, such as Knoppix, which allows you
> to make a boot floppy to boot from. Knoppix is really astonishing!
> It works right out of the box for me on my vintage P166-MMX with only
> 32MiB RAM, as on my P75 with no MMX, but 64MiB RAM, both are older than
> yours, and that shall work for you as well.
> I've successfuly used Knoppix to build LFS-4.1 on the P166 a few weeks
> ago (but mismatched with the swap and pfiuw... ne more LFS... :-/ )
> I don't think the LFS bootable CDs would be OK, because I seem to
> remember they use 2.88MiB floppy emulation (at least the last time I
> checked), but that might have changed. Look at the very bottom of :
> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/packages.html
> Regards,
> Yann.

My bootcd (the one on jutley.org) uses a 1.44 floppy image, so it can be
booted from floppy.  However, there's an even better solution to bios'es
that do not support boot from floppy - look on the slackware FTP site for
something called the smartboot disk.  It's a bootable floppy disk that will
facilitate booting from CDROM, even when the bios doesn't support it.

I keep one of these around all the time, just for emergencies.


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