LFS on ancient system

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr
Sat Nov 22 16:26:17 PST 2003

Once upon a time (on Saturday 22 November 2003 23:28), Albert REINER wrote :
 > - Get rid of DOS and install a minimal Linux on that 300MB partition,
 >   compile everything from there, possibly adapting the "next to
 >   existing installation" hint as necessary. In this case, I would
 >   welcome any advice on the following questions (as well as anything
 >   else that might be relevant):
 >   - Host distro: This must be small enough to fit into 300MB, and
 >     contain sufficient software for compiling the toolchain (besides
 >     gcc, binutils, and system headers, what else would I need?). Also,
 >     I have to install it from floppies (no CD writer, CD not bootable)
 >     and I'd like to keep the pile small. Any suitable distribution?
 >     What about a minimal debian plus gcc?

You could use a CD-contained distro, such as Knoppix, which allows you
to make a boot floppy to boot from. Knoppix is really astonishing!
It works right out of the box for me on my vintage P166-MMX with only
32MiB RAM, as on my P75 with no MMX, but 64MiB RAM, both are older than
yours, and that shall work for you as well.

I've successfuly used Knoppix to build LFS-4.1 on the P166 a few weeks
ago (but mismatched with the swap and pfiuw... ne more LFS... :-/ )

I don't think the LFS bootable CDs would be OK, because I seem to
remember they use 2.88MiB floppy emulation (at least the last time I
checked), but that might have changed. Look at the very bottom of :


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