ch5 : installing glibc 2.3.2

michael michael8110 at
Sat Nov 22 13:29:33 PST 2003

"--without-gd : this ensures memusagestat is not built,since strangely it 
links against the host's libraries,libd,libpng,etc "  what else is there to 
link against so far anyway?Only gcc and binutils are installed at present and 
i can't see any of the above mentioned libraries in their lists of installed 
libraries..listen,as you can see i'm really only a novice (hate that other 
word) trying to understand,but if i'm in the wong place just let me know and 
i'll vanish..i think however that all this about static linking ,first and 
second pass,toolchain adjusting is the essence of LFS and should be properly 
understood and i must declare i'm having a very hard time at it.. a short 
clear explanation  by one of the experts would be greatly appreciated,thank 

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