static linking

michael michael8110 at
Fri Nov 21 20:28:45 PST 2003

i'm probably making a target of myself with this one,but if static linking 
means inserting the source code of needed libraries into the program's own 
source code before compiling,how can you link statically against already 
compiled libraries ,i mean where is the source code for these libraries to be 
found if they've been compiled a long time ago,as for example in the 
beginning of ch 5,when we are statically linking against the host's 
libraries?Also in the 1st pass of binutils,at the end the linker ld is 
removed and recompiled with static linking against the newly compiled 
/tools/lib.And what's the deal with static linking in this case anyway,since 
the libraries are not the host's anymore?Questions,questions,questions...

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