DNS numbers for resolv.conf

Jeremy Utley jeremy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 20 19:36:06 PST 2003

In article <3FBD8004.4030104 at comcast.net>, Tracy Riegle wrote:
> My ISP won't give me the IP addresses for their DNS servers. They say 
> they don't support Linux or static DNS? What can I do for name 
> resolution? Are there public DNS servers? Thanks for any help.
> Tracy
> triegle at comcast.net

When you use dhcpcd, the DNS servers are automatically propogated into
resolv.conf when you get your DHCP IP.  with other DHCP clients, I do
not know if this happens.  At any rate, if you dual-boot, go to windows,
and use either the winipcfg or ipconfig tool to find out what DNS servers
you are getting assigned.  If you still have problems, let me know, cause
I have friends on comcast I can get to look them up for you :)


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