validating/authenticating lfs-packages-5.0.tar

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Nov 20 18:02:31 PST 2003

In article <bpjm17$m7q$3 at>, newbie wrote:
> many thanks - figured it might have something to do with gnu - if the first 
> two got thru 'just fine' then how come they disappeared? did i somehow 
> inadvertently upset the 'gods'? - thanks again

Most likely possibility, given the fact that you saw them, then they

A) You're using the NNTP interface to the lists, and most news readers hide
messages once they've been marked as read.

B) You're using a M$ Email client (Outlook or Outlook Express), and it's set
in it's view menu to only show unread messages.


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