Issues with ld: "bootstrap with --static" rearing its ugly head

Stephen Bosch manager at
Thu Nov 20 16:22:05 PST 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 02:57:29PM -0700, Stephen Bosch wrote:
>>A few people have had this problem. Perhaps a note about the 
>>--disable-nls should be added to LFS 5.0? Erik is also right -- that's a 
>>bit of a kludge.
> No. What needs to happen is for some bright individual to sit down and
> figure out the problem, at its cause. Those of us maintaining the toolchain
> sections of the book cannot reproduce the problem and therefore do not fully
> understand the problem.
> --disable-nls is NOT the solution, it's a workaround of the real problem.
> Are you that bright individual? Or are you willing to help? If so, after the
> binutils pass 2 run of configure, please issue a "make configure-host". Then
> before running "make", tar up and bzip the whole binutils-build dir and
> mail it to me. Sending a log of the whole run of "configure" and "make
> configure-host" would be beneficial too.


I was ready to pack it in and install Gentoo (as I mentioned, I need 
this machine for work) but as LFS has been so great in the past and as I 
have benefitted so much from the hard work of others, I can do my part.

I finally had to start over with a clean partition -- the installation 
was too munged. It will take me a while to get back to that point. I'll 
see if I can have something tonight.


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