lfs-packages-5.0.tar and gerad-beekmans-pubkey.gpg

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Thu Nov 20 15:21:21 PST 2003

* newbie <poboxspamnothanx671121 at fastmail.fm> [03-1120 23:24]:
> dont't know if this is the right group for this post but got to start 
> somewhere so here goes - I've downloaded the following three files:
> 1. lfs-packages-5.0.tar
> 2. lf-packages-5.0.asc
> 3. the gerard-beekmans-pubkey.gpg
> I've also downloaded and had a look at lfs-book-5.0.pdf and m y question 
> isn't addressed therein 
> my question is how do I go about using files 2 & 3 above to authenticate 
> file? if the answer is obvious then please resist the urge to jump up 
> and down on my head - we've all got to start somewhere - and please if 
> you can help then chapter and verse in words on no more than two 
> syllables 

The answer is not obvious but a few minutes in gnupg.org is all it


Miguel Bazdresch

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